Final Fantasy X



I made this because my Rikku wetsuit was not finished, and EXTREMELY hot for a summer con.
It was made super quick, so I hope to revamp it sometime soon.
This was my first time making...everything. -__-" The shirt was a pattern I made, the shorts based off a pair I bought from Goodwill, the belt from a trim that I painted (which paint then rubbed off -__-") and the boot covers I made myself.

It needs work, I'd really like to remake the shirt out of pleather. I may keep the pants, but the belt and the evil leg thing (the black thing where she has a pouch) are pure evil!!!!


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Created 8 years ago
Series Final Fantasy X
Character Rikku


Liliana Girl, you ROCK cosplaying Rikku! You captured her fun personality well! Awesome stuff! ^o^

Hepheistion Totally cute Rikku <3 Nice job!

toeskater91 Best Rikku EVAH!!! It says it was debuted at Otakon 2011. Are you from the future?!

Mandarr13 This is wayyy cute. This is the oufit I want to do for Rikku, it's my favorite.