Komui Lee




This is my first cosplay and everything seems to be going fine so far.
Every bit of this costume was made by me except for the glasses (but I did paint them silver if that counts) the button on the right side and the metal pin that is also near the button.

The wig was styled myself but I have no good photos showing off the super flipping curls that it consists of.

I'm going to start wearing something better to keep my hair down because the hair tie I was using made a bulge in the hat that annoyed me.

I only wish I had a coffee mug.


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Last Updated 10 years ago
Created 10 years ago
Series D.Gray-man
Character Komui Lee
Variant Black Order: 2nd Uniform


Kuri-Kara We'll need to get some Komui and Lenalee pictures at Detour! :D We'll also have to have you come to Cosplay Marriage where I'll be marrying Lavi as Lenalee ^_^