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It was a very awesome makeshift costume, composed of my dad's old black high school graduation robe, my red junior high graduation robe, and a white dress shirt ( because I couldn't obtain a white robe at the time ) the first two of which were found in my basement. And a pair of baggy black sweatpants for the bottom. I have read around the forums that some people are tired of seeing such cheap implements for Soul Reaper robes and the like. What I will say to that is that I do not have the time/skills OR money/resources to make ( or commission somebody ) to make such a professional looking costume. I was personally happy with it. I don't go to cons with the intention of trying to beat out all other costumes/people who are going as the same character. I go to enjoy myself in/our of character, and hopefully have a picture or two taken of me/have at least one person recognize who I am trying to be. And while that didn't happen when I first wore the costume as a complete noob to cosplay/cons ( albeit one dealer in the dealer's room who probably only caught onto me because of my sword ) it was mainly my fault for not having a wig at the time. I didn't think I'd need it, and for some reason I was against it at the time. But that has changed now. I have a wig ( I'll find out if it needs styling or not when I try it on at NYAF ), and I also have a long white robe. I don't plan on doing his bankai again anytime soon, but I do look foward to the day where I can bring it back ( AnimeNext 2011 possibly? ) I also might want to re-invest in a new Tensa Zangetsu. I still have mine, but the crescent at the end went missing on me a while ago...

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