My Neighbor Totoro



I thought about making this costume for ages before actually getting around to doing it! I committed to making it then realised I had no idea how to go about doing it. It's the first time I'd made anything in fur so it was one big learning curve. It took about 3 months from start to finish, most of which was spent making mistakes and figuring out ways around them. There are a lot of things I'd do differently if I made this costume again!
He's made from a base of hula hoops, strung together using nylon tape. This means the body part collapses down for easy transportation and means I didn't have to use as much wadding, which kept the weight down too. I covered the hula hoops with a cotton lining then padded with wadding before covering with fur. Inside I made a simple harness, which needed to be remade twice as the weight of all the trimmings meant it needed to be a different design. The head was made from a frame of garden wire, this was a bad bad idea as the frame was never really strong enough and bends really easily. It was nice and easy to shape but didn't hold up well to all the fur and wadding. It also meant it got damaged really easily, I kept getting wonky ears as when I put it down they would bend! I also made hooks around the edge to attach it to the top hoop of the body. These were really tricky and time consuming to attach, I'd like to find a better way of doing this!


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Charlotte00 That is so cool! Awesome job, the costume looks real!