Avatar: The Last Airbender



I love Sokka, I really do. His cheesy jokes, his boomerang love... he's just great.
Anyway, I made the lace hairpiece myself so that it looks natural. I also made the bald cap using latex on a redhead. The tan (I'm very pale in real life) was done using a kryolan TV stick and some derma colour.
I was pretty happy with how many people thought I was actually tan, and had shaved my head.


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Series Avatar: The Last Airbender
Character Sokka
Variant First season (Book one, Air)


intherain93 consider making a tutorial on your homemade bald cap for sokka? it's really well done!

Bagel-Desu sjdgdkjh you had me fooled, I totally didn't think that was a bald cap! I literally thought you shaved your head XD BUT ANYWAYS, you make an amazing Sokka :D

OurLadyeofParis How did you make the bald cap? You said you used latex on a redhead and I'm a bit confused. xD This is AMAZING. Seriously, the best Sokka cosplayer I've ever seen. I've been wanting to do something like this for a while, and YOU, m'dear, are INSPIRIN'!

Avatar Alvaang U used a bald cap? It looks so REAL! I didnt even know u were a girl at first! U make an awesome sokka!!!