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I am making the Alchemilla version (brown/red), not the Sanitarium (green/blue) version...I hope to do it well, no one has done this before!

I have the gloves and thigh highs, but I will be adding the triangular piece/making the garters for accuracy...The collar was made (not sewn) since I suck at sewing too much to sew it well ;__; The sleeves are made of funfoam with glue wrapped in the fabric and pinched into creases and then allowed to dry. These nurses have stiff looking sleeve cuffs so I wanted to give them a nice wrinkle-y look. I made the outfit very tight as well because, as with all the other nurse versions in this series, their outfits look constricting and almost painful in a way. The heels were purchased from Electric Boutique...they are KILLER stiletto ankle heels that are the tallest heels I've ever stepped into. I won't have to walk like a nurse intentionally lol, these shoes will kill my feet so dead that I won't be able to walk any other way...I will be carrying around the SH:0 weapon of choice: a syringe. The hat will be made from foam covered with fabric (probably using my pinching fold glue technique too) and the red cross will be out of red dupioni :3

I hope to have this project done by Otakon or maybe AUSA. I will be inquiring for help on the mask from the twins, since I have no idea how to best achieve the "oh shiiiii- the mask burned on my face!" look best. I will also ask them how to do the destroying of the costume because I hate when they turn out costume-y rather than Silent Hill-y.


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Character Origins Alchemilla Nurse


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