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Len was something I had planned back in November '08. I had later dropped him, but picked him back up again when my friend mentioned that she wanted to cosplay as Rin for AN '10 so I immediately jumped at the chance of cosplaying as her Len.

We planned a trip to go downtown to pick up fabric roughly a month before AN, I believe. Needless to say, we didn't really get to work until the week before. Due to endless amounts of procrastination we didn't complete our cosplay (mine is still missing the detailing on the shorts, the green bar on the arm warmers, and the cuffs on the sleeve), but it was still relatively well received.

I offered to make the headphones for the both of us since I had made two pairs before in the past. This time around, I used some bristol board, foam sheets for inner structure support, and laser wrapping paper, all of which I picked up at the Dollar store. I'm still missing the mic piece, but I intend on adding that on at a later date.

The wig I had ordered from Charissa-KIDS and it arrived fairly quickly (about 5-6 days, I believe), although it took a little more than a week to ship out because I had ordered during a holiday.

I'm rather proud of this considering that it was my first cosplay I've ever made.

Fabric: Approx. $30 CDN
Headphones: Approx. $5
Wig: Approx. $48 + shipping
Time: 5 hours +

Finished the shirt. All that needs to be done is the detailing on the shorts.

Finished adding the details on the shorts.


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Character Len Kagamine


MizuNeko29 You make such a cute Len! Kawaii! I'm starting on making his costume, too, however, the arm bands are proving difficult...! How did you do it?

Neru-Chan230 oh god you are so cute!!!! X3 lol i love len so much hes so cute you done a really good cosplay of him :3

FruityKyuubi Your so Cute, can you get some pictures up of you wearing your wig? Please 0-0

SAN_CHAN yeahh nice len