Crystal Entropy

The Misadventures of Dr. Holocaust



Crystal Entropy is my "original character" based in the Dr Holocaust comic world. While she is considered a henchman, I believe apprentice might be a better title since Doc trains her in regards to being a villain and developing her powers.

As should be evident from the snowflake-themed ensemble, she's an ice queen. Er, she has the power to chill and freeze things with a touch my slowing their molecular vibrations.

So far I'm on my second wig for the character (the first was silver/grey), and the dress has undergone a large alteration from being A-line to being fitted with a belt. I'm still not super happy with the design, but considering the snowflake emblem on the front is all hand-appliqued, I really don't want to start again from scratch.

The boot covers, gloves, and belt are all made from glitter spandex to match the dress.
My gun is a NERF mod made by Featherweight to co-ordinate with the rest of the Doc's arsenal.


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Character Crystal Entropy


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