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I debated intensely over whether to make the skirt and jacket from scratch or alter premade garments. At last, I decided to alter, since I don't see someone without access to an industrial clothing factory managing to get the "denim seams" right. &gt;_<;; I hate that this meant sacrificing some accuracy in terms of seam placement and whatnot, but it's a lose-lose situation, really. ;_;

Wig: 14" Blonde Medium Kanekalon wig from I trimmed it a bit in front for more of an even length. I used a razor (like a normal shaving razor) to do most of the cutting, as I find it gives a much more natural effect.

Contact Lenses: Seductive Blue Extreme Color Contact Lenses from

I also added a bit of hair glue to the front for styling.

Earrings: Wal-mart.

Jacket: I bought a denim jacket on E-bay (I browsed 175 pages of results to find the most accurate one XD), and made some alterations.

I cut off the sleeves, leaving an inch or two left of fabric off the shoulder seam. I then shredded the remaining bits of the sleeves with a seam ripper for that "torn off" look. They're fray-blocked so they won't disintegrate. XD

The buttons were silver, so I changed the color with "Spanish Copper" Rub 'n' Buff.

I googled around for the Red Ribbon Army logo, tweaked it to look identical to the version 18 wears, and printed it off onto iron-on transfer paper. I ironed it on for a VERY short time to preserve the quality of the image, but still maintain a good stick. The jacket is hand-dry-clean only as a result. XD

Shirt: Yes, it IS just one shirt, not two layered. This is confirmed when 18's clothes get tattered fighting Vegeta, and her skin is visible through a hole in the fabric near the chest.

The sleeves were made from an over-sized shirt I found on E-bay (I cut it up for material, as I couldn't find appropriate fabric for sale by the yard). No pattern used. I attached them to a black, scoop-neck tank I found on E-bay.

Skirt: E-bay again. I shortened it, as it was originally almost knee-length. The button was Rub 'n' Buffed in "Spanish Copper" to match the buttons on the jacket.

Belt and Buckle: Lucked out on E-bay. XD I bought the belt strap separately from the buckle.

Leggings: E-bay.

Boots: Levi Womens Expeditions. Found on... you guessed it! E-bay! XD I shortened them up by folding the tops under.

For the harness (straps), I cut strips out of a piece of goat leather (goat because it's very workable and pliable). The rings are leathercraft rings, and it's all joined together with Gorilla Glue.


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Character Android 18/C18/Jinzōningen Jū Hachi


Eloare Thank you for your comment on my Watery costume! Yes it is bodypainting and it took me AGES!!! >.< Plus, I was not very satisfied about how it came out. you are a great C18!!!