Morrigan Aensland




Finally done with some pics that kind people took at the con.


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Series Darkstalkers
Character Morrigan Aensland


LLiekCake Wow, you make a very pretty Morrigan! ^^

FunnyValentine You are definitely the best Morrigan.

Seority This is just too amazing, nice job!

Granosx Amazing Morrigan! Its a perfect costume for you and you look great.

KitoCosplay (FANBOY SQUEAL!!!!!)

Sailor_Aly Ahhhhh I love youyr morrigan. Thanks for the tips I just finished mine :D

GentleAstringer This is amazing! I'm just getting into cosplay for the first time, I just joined this sight and I'm totally confused but this is very inspiring and hi.

Progeny Amazing costume... needs more pictures!

CorsicaxMarseil +Oh! Okay I'm sorry! ;A; I didn't mean to sound pushy. >.< but again, BEAUTIFUL Morrigan!^o^ I'm sho envious! >w< How did you make her wings?o.o

psycho-buNNieS You pretty much have the perfect hourglass figure. I'm so jealous. XD Amazing job!

Angeal this is still an awesome costume

CorsicaxMarseil +I saw this on DeviantArt! Your photos are so amazing, kyaa~=^,^= +If I read right on DA, this was done for commission, no?o.o

Envel I wish I'd known this was you at the con, I would've come up and hugged you! You look super sexxy!

KillerInsane This is awesome :D

Golduck55 AMAZING! Best Morrigan Ive seen so far! Keep up the awesome work! *thumbs up* :>

Drythe which marvel character do you think i should be hmmmmmmm

Drythe if i work on a marvel outfit we should totally cosplay together

Angeal i want a capcom pic with this cosplay just saying