Though Matsumoto Rangiku is never shown in the Academy outfit (to my knowledge), it can be assumed that she had one at some point. It can also be assumed that she chose to wear it as open as any of her other uniforms.

The Hakama are made of heavy weight linen. Linen wrinkles, but when pressed it holds pleats like a dream. The Shitage is a lighter weight red linen of the same color. The Kosode is the only non-linen in the uniform, as the linen we were finding did not completely cover the red under-layer.

The lines on the sleeve of the Kosode are applique of the same fabric as the Shitage. The black designs on the front are painted on (until I go nuts and embroider over it.) The waraji (shoes) were handwoven by CapsuleCorp because she is awesome and knew I didn't have time before the debut.

I would like to note that only the middle of the Chest is actually attached to me. I special engineered a bra to produce maximum cleavage and help fill out her outfit. Most of that chest is microbeads.


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Variant Academy Uniform


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