Howl's Moving Castle



This is a difficult costume to do, not because it’s more difficult than other thing I done but because I had to figure everything out by myself... Nobody I could ask had tried the exact same thing and the info on the net was hard to use. Also I didn’t have a good ref picture because I want it to be in the middle of the transformation. So just figure out what to concentrate on and how to make it work tock a lot of time. The wings is by far the hardest part on this cosplay because I can make them move whit only my back, and I can flax whit them in a flying pattern if I help whit my hands. The feathers is hand sewn one by one in different black fabric, total over 400 &gt;_<

I have made two Calsifer, one is a mascot and the bigger red one is a bag I had important stuff in. the clothes is not much to say about because they where simple to do when I found a god fabric to work in. His jewelry was the part I had most fun with because I like to make small thing whit a lot of details in and this costume had very little of that.


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Created 11 years ago
Series Howl's Moving Castle
Character Howl
Variant half demon/bird


Brainshake Nämen hej! Jag var en av de många hundra som stod och beundrade dina vingar. :D *vinkar*