Rurouni Kenshin



My first and hopefully last closet cosplay. It was three days before the con when I decided I didn't want to be Lacus Clyne so I searched my brain for a red haired character that I might have the clothes for and came up with Battousai. The outfit to the Shinai and if I ever get pictures of it, the sword are used twice a week in my Kumdo lessons.
My favorite part of this cosplay has to be the scar. My friend and I sat down in front of the computer with our very limited supply of eyeliner and tried to make a scaby looking scar. I actually had some poeple ask how I hurt myself it came out so well^^.
My hair was the least favorite part of this cosplay. I have naturally curly and had to sit on the floor for two hours every morning and night of the con so make sure it stayed straight.
I hope to redo this costume someday and not use my Kumdo uniform add the arm gaurds and have actually tabi and straw sandels.


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Series Rurouni Kenshin
Character Battousai


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