Hetalia: Axis Powers



So, I was watching Hetalia months ago and decided that I wanted to make Hungary. I just never got around to it until suddenly, I did. I made this costume in 10 hours (cut out fabric Thursday night, made skirt and apron Friday, made shirt and finishing details Saturday morning). Wore this to the Texas Metroplex Cosplay Coalition meeting on Saturday, and will wear again for the Funimation at the movies cosplay contest on Tuesday.


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Series Hetalia: Axis Powers
Character Hungary


Otaku4life1595 awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwh ITS SO CUTE! you did a great job! how did you make the shirt? I'm in the process of making this and thats the one thing i dont know hoe to do >.< Soory sorry... I got off topoc point is ITS AMAZING!