Tifa Lockhart

Final Fantasy VII



I started it like two weeks before JAFAX, and I had no intention of going to JAFAX. I made the vest two weeks before, when friday before JAFAX my friend tells me we're going XD
I made the vest from an altered pattern at joann's
cut out the wing/flag thingies on the side from the white shirt's excess cloth and sewed them on.
also made fringe from that.
the white shirt was just a plain white t, cut, and then painted on. the skirt was a loong brown skirt cut and frayed a little. and the belt was lying around and the hat was too. I put this together in like 4 hours pretty much on friday night before jafax. swweeeettt


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Last Updated 11 years ago
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Series Final Fantasy VII
Character Tifa Lockhart
Variant Crisis Core


Lando YES! =D <3 much for this!!!

Mallory I love this costume!

audrey12345 I love your costume!! <33