Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

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Thanks for all the comments, I read every single one and was really happy about all the positive feedback!! :)

Since I was asked several times about how I made various details I will write a little "how to".
I hope everyone's question will be answered with that aswell, because I have not that much time to do it always personally.
Sorry for that! :(

The patterns:
The basic material for the patterns was leatherette, luckily my favorite store had the colors violet and red, so I didn't have to paint it.
But you can paint it of course, best result is with acrylic color, because it can't get rubbed off easily and is waterproof.
When painting the leather in the right color, remember to paint the sides aswell.
I made the patterns of multiple layers, the skirt has 2 layers, the shirt and the headgear 3, you can stick the layers with hot glue or paste together, but let the paste dry a little bit before pressing the layers together.

The Shirt:
Materials were white and antique pink fabric, red and violet leatherette, a bit filling material and styrofoam balls.
I stitched the pink fabric with a bit filling material at the white shirt and afterwards added the violet leatherette.
For the patterns on the chest I first stitched the violet leatherette at the shirt, then cut out two equal circles of the red leatherette, sticked the first one on the violet leatherette, cut out the holes on the other one and painted it with golden color.
Afterwards I sticked the golden one on the red one.
The pink hemispheres were made of the styrofoam balls, I simply painted them pink and sticked them on the leatherette.

The Skirt:
The pattern on the skirt was made with pretty much the same concept as the shirt.
I cut out the skirt of the white fabric and using it as a reference I cut out the red and violet leatherette for the pattern.
First layer is the red leatherette, just stitched it on the white fabric, second layer is the violet leatherette, lined with golden ribbon.

Okay, I hope this will help. :)
And sorry for my bad english ... I only learned it at school and of course our teacher didn't bother to teach us how to descrice the process of making a costume. ;)


@Lady Shiva
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JeshaxMutsuko Lovely cosplay! You're an inspiration! :D! Out of curiosity, how do you get the patterns onto the white fabric? Is it best to sew it on there or use hot glue? Any tips? :D I'm trying to make the clow country from the anime so if possible, can I get tips? Thanks! :D

PrincessDominique23 Beautiful cosplay^_^

ItsaBoo Wowwwww, so pretty!

moonsrain It's so pretty! One day I will be able to sew like that, but not today. How did you get the patterns on the skirt?