Avatar: The Last Airbender



Yes, I shaved my head. It grew back quickly after the con.

In October of 2008, two friends and myself decided to go to Anime North. We decided to be Avatar characters...and I more or less 'chose' to be Aang...

...which is now done! Some completed photos are done. I'll be wearing this again at Anime North 2010, for the photoshoot.


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Series Avatar: The Last Airbender
Character Aang


SirWonderusMary I love your dedication to the character. Something I wouldn't try personally, but only because I wouldn't be allowed to, and I'd be unsure if I'd like looking at myself bald. ;3; I want a mo-hawk too badly to do it.

Griever 2112 O_O holy crap... you shaved your head... hardcore cosplay... \m/ the monk robes are spot on, and the glider staff came out good too. awesome job.

Fabulousity Did you shave you head? If not, that's one realistic looking bald cap.

AzulaFan199 Kool Aang. I'll be Aang too at AN. I'll be wearing the monk/formals robes. See you at AN.