Sohryuden: Legend of the Dragon Kings

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Someday I saw a picture of Matsuri and was stunned by the beautiful design, though I neither don't like rose or pink at all nor satin in most cases because of its shimmer, which doesn't fit to most costumes.
Nevertheless I purchased about 15m of satin für the dress and the corset.

Afterwards I was glad that I chose satin.

It's quite warm in the dress and it's uncormfortable, because it is so long, that you have to gather it everytime you want to move.
I weared high heels, because I'm small, which made it even more complicated to move ^^

The corset was okay, it wasn't to tight, just enough to let me look slender despite the whole fabric.
But I'm not really satisfied with it, I will remake it for the next time I wear it.

But still I like the cos, it's so elegant~


@Lady Shiva
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Series Sohryuden: Legend of the Dragon Kings
Character Matsuri


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