Amu Hinamori

Shugo Chara!



Amu is a fantastic character, she has a lot of good points! I guess if I could have a Shugo Chara, surely it would be somebody like her =D

She has style, energy, she saves the day in a cool way and can be "cool & spicy" if she wants to ^_^ Everybody likes her! And her school outfit is so cute, I had to do it xD

Thank you Anrild for the suggestion! ^0^


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Series Shugo Chara!
Character Amu Hinamori


Hero of Hirule where did u find that fabric for the skirt and leg loose socks?

♥aly♥ssa♥ I like your costume! I just did one too. OMG, my wig looks just like yours. Where did you get it?

Wildeth Cute!:3