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I can still remember the time when it all started... We had a costume party at home and I wanted to dress up as Lightning. My friend got me this outfit from ebay and said "Common you're gonna be great Lightning and it's gonna be fun".

What I did not expect was peoples reaction...

That's the day when great cosplay fan became a cosplayer.

My costume was initially bought on eBay but within time cosplaying Lightning became more of a challange for me and I decided to do as much as I can on my own. Below I outline all progress and credits. I'd like to also point out that due to the fact that my costume is only partially done by me I am not taking part in any competitions - I am doing it for fun, mostly because Lightning is one of my favourite characters.

What I wanted to achieve is a very natural look, no wigs no fake eye lashes no contact lenses. My goal was to bring her to life not create a plastic, pink copy.

1. Hair:
Decided to use no wig because I wanted to achieve natural Lightning look. Colouring hair took me good couple of attempts. One each two months. I was lucky to be under Bożena's wings who is a professional hair stylist and took it as a challange and decided to go through it with me.

2. Body:
This is no mystery that I had to loose weight.
Started with simple jogging, then some sword fighting, gymnastics (including some flips training), trampoline jumping, aerobics etc.

3. Face:
I had to get rid of my glasses. But I am not wearing contact lenses. This is my natural eye colour.

4. Costume:
- Vest: JenniferCosplay
applied changes: shortened up, changed clasps, changed buttons, changed cloak, changed leather part at the back and changed pauldron
- Brown turtleneck: JenniferCosplay
- Skirt: JenniferCosplay
applied changes: zippers
- Belts:
brown waist belt: done by me
beige belt on the skirt: done by me
collar belt: adjusted and replaced
- Gloves:
fully replaced, new pair was done by me from the very beginning
black sleeve: JenniferCosplay
- Armbands:
made fully be me
- Leg bag:
as delivered with costume by JenniferCosplay
- Lightning's pendant:
bought from SquareEnix
- Boots:
made fully by me
- Gunblade:
commisioned and made as special order by May from 0404 Cosplay Plaza (Thank you!)
- Gunblade holster:
commisioned and made as special order by May from 0404 Cosplay Plaza (Thank you!)
- l'Cie mark:
design downloaded from web made as toatoo by me


If you have any questions regarding the above please PM me. I'll be happy to help/answer.

If anyone has photos of me/with me I'd be happy to see it. Please PM me with link. Thank you.

For those who are curious how the costume looked like at the beginning and how it looks right now I recommend visiting my DeviantArt profile. Comparison photos are avilable only there due to Cos.Com restrictions.


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beloved4ever So amazing! I'm waiting to see her XIII-II on you.. Will we ever be able to see that in the near future?!

BlanxMisa Really, you're amazing! You're the best Lightning I've ever seen! Guess what? I really love the work that you've done. Replacing things from the base cosplay and being an absolutly AWESOME cosplayer! Good job!!

misterspotswood super awesome, at first i thought it was a picture from the game haha

CatEaredDoll I remember seeing you at EirtaKon. You are the best Lightning cosplayer have ever seen! It's like you were made to cosplay her. =)

RydiaValentine Never left a comment, but you are my favorite Lightning forever. You even have the same face, and it's rare seeing a cosplayer with the same face of the character they are cosplaying.

Gummibar Pretty awesome, I like the natural look most definitely. Makes it feel more real. Beautiful job. Keep it up. <3

Narnian You are the best lighting ever!!!!! You look so much like the character!!!! Your cosplay is awesome!!

ninamarinick best lightning ever! you look incredible! its like you simply stepped out of the game

Ryuux You look like the real Lightning, your costume don't look as "plastic". So you made a very good job !! I love !!

Fukada I don't remember if I already comment here...anyway. You make a great Lightning. With your real hair, it's just really more natural and so pretty. I use my real hair with a hair addition for my Serah cosplay (I didn't make the pink color...I can't, sadly, so I will use a pink wig even but anyway, I use my real hair for the moment, it's not bad I think!) and it's more natural and not too bad! I think that you are courageous for to make the color of Lightning. (It's pink, it's not really good for hair I believe, or not?). Here, , it's a success! ;) Very good work and shooting.

Nodoka You are the best Lightning cosplay I've ever seen!

RikkuSWiRLS You have the perfect facial features for Lightning.

KiraCosplayHai amazing lightning!!!!! hey, are you coming to the MCM expo in october? i am going as lightning and would love to get a shoot done with you!

FruityKyuubi Whoa~~whoa? tsis ir awahing tily a fwavorife *translation* this is amazing truly a favorite. *0* EPIC absolutely the EPIC. *0*

Rayi OMG! You just ARE Lightning!! O_____O Even your face looks like her °____________° You are PEFREKT! O___O I'm totally amazed! Really!!

kim_shaida if really dare please join youmacon this october 2010 for the contest do visit for more detail.. because i am noctis..

Sana-san You're seriously perfect. I love the hair. I'm just speachless right now, you are freakin perfect.

MionBloodyMess Holy crap! When I first looked at it I didnt belive it was actually a human cosplaying xD You did an AMAZING job at lightning :D

imogenemereal You look like you just walked out of the video game. PERFECT! Down to the last detail. Truly inspiring!

VisualKid I thought I was looking at a screenshot! You're a PERFECT Lightning!