Ryoko Hakubi

Tenchi Muyo!

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Tenchi Muyo is my favorite anime! I have love this show/manga since i was 7 years old and im never gonna stop loving it!
I worked over 8 hours on the wig, over 10 on the Ry-ohki plush, and i dont even wanna get in to the details on the dress... I battled that fabric fr days! NEVER go with a Project Runway pattern if you are looking to cosplay...
Im happy how it all came out! I might re-make the wig but im not sure yet. All photos taken by Joe Jacob, my Tenchi!


@Hakubi Michi
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Series Tenchi Muyo!
Character Ryoko Hakubi


Cloveyy Youve Inspired Me to finally do my Ryoko Cosplay! Yours is so awesome! Keep up the greatness!! <3

By_The_Aku Ill try that out thanks, so far your the only Ryoko cosplayer I've actually seen in person. Keep up the good work!

By_The_Aku I meant the parts of tenchi's brown shirt that hang down in the front and back, that he usually wears. I needed to find a brown shirt like that so that I could cut it or get my friend to help me with it. Keep me posted about that roast, that would be hilarious! I live in new jersey though so it would be a little tough

By_The_Aku I LOve Tenchi Muyo and I've always wanted to do a costume for it but I cant find a lond brown shirt that I can cut the tail things for on Tenchi's shirt and Id have to do something with my hair. I love you for doing Ryoko! best out of all the Tenchi Girls

By_The_Aku I saw you at Katsucon last weekend with Tenchi Tsunami Asaka and Kamadaki! You were like so epic!, Ryoko is my all time favorite female character!