I freaking LOVED Dexter's design when the art for Fusion Fall first came out. So, the twin (Hee-Hee) and I decided we were going to do Dexter and Mandark! Thus, these geniuses were born!


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Series FusionFall
Character Dexter


ElvisDitto THANK YOU for doing a Fusionfall version of Dexter!! Thank you sooo much!

YukaiAmarante I love it

shotzgoboom Both of your costumes are the bomb-dot-com!

FinalHeavenTifa How did you make that lab coat? *o*

timpey hahahaha love it XD u rock

YuriHappiny *dies* TOO...AWESOME. you killed me.

Tsuku I love you forever OH MY GOD <3

rinature this is way too awesome!!!

Saphira112 This totally made my night. I miss the old Dexter's Lab episodes~ You rock!

Bunnjamin never found dexter sexy...until now! mlar latrix

AdamBomb7 epic

Pixie-chan God, this still amazes me. I love that wiiiiiig! I want to pet it.

Hee-Hee "Mother, Father, I have been creaaaateeeed~!"