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Update: Completely reworking this costume... later. It's not exactly high priority so I'm not going to pretend I'm working on it any time soon.

Original design by halfdemondog on The costume is intended to look like a broken porcelain doll... we're working on it.

The dress, made by a friend on extremely short notice (and thank you, again!) will probably be remade since the design has been changed slightly. We also want to add a parasol and are thinking about adding a windup gear in the back. Debuted at Sakuracon 2009 along with the previously mentioned halfdemondog, who was Halloween Town Zexion.

I have not yet once worn this costume with correct hair. At Sakuracon, my hair wasn't yellow, and at the photoshoot I did at home in December, I didn't want to redye my hair, so I used a hairspray, which is why my hair sucks in those pictures. Until they are properly edited, please try your best to ignore how horrible it is. (Update: they will never be edited, I can't shoop hair. Just pretend it's not green, please?)


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Series Kingdom Hearts
Character Larxene
Variant Halloween Town


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