Integra / Integral Hellsing


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This costume involved less sewing from scratch, and more careful tailoring. I found this oversized suit in a local thrift store out of a soft, very maliable fabric and immediatly I knew what its true calling was. I spent hours and hooooours (I hate tailoring) remastering it to look like Integra's suit. I had to completely redo the front panel to cross over and replace all the buttons. Finally, after all that was done it was easy sailing. I made the blue tie out of ribbon with the cross broach made of sculpy and gold paint. The glasses I bought a cheap pair of gold glasses at the grocery store and banged out the lenses, reshaping the wire into circles. Add black boots, blonde wig, white gloves and presto.


@Gimme Cat
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Series Hellsing
Character Integra / Integral Hellsing
Variant first anime release version


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