Final Fantasy III



I had to combine three patterns to make the white dress main portion, I choose a fabric in cream color that I liked the feel of (because I'd used white once already and I loved that beautiful bright blue fabric against the cream color even more).

I had problems with the top clasp because I had this..."amazing" idea that since Refia was a swordsmith's daughter she should be able to dig up some metal to work with.

I used bronzmetal artclay and shaped and kiln fired it for the top clasp (Ok bronze sword, I have no clue, but I was onto the idea by then). Then I had to get to attaching it and that was where the real hassle lies! I ended up using the metal outshoots on the back that I had made thinking I would put snaps through them, only I sewed them right onto a fabric strip, then sewed that onto the blue over-vest thing. Workable clasp = not so much, but with the wide neck it wasn't vital to getting it on and off.

The heavy brooch lies pretty well when standing / walking, but pulls down when sitting / slouching (L imitators beware).

I loved the red wig and boots for this, super comfy cosplay, not much hassle, boots and wig from ebay (I know, I know!), leggings from a 1 to 5$ store. Two main patterns used & the skirt for the first time I went patternless.


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SeekingRakuen I am still so sorry I did not get photos of it for you, and even more surprised NO ONE has the Final Fantasy group photoshoot from Daisho. Have asked everyone I can think of! But am really happy you got some good photos of it at least :)