High Priestess

Ragnarok Online



Well, I'm finally making an RO costume. I've been wanting to cosplay a character for ages now. Originally I planned to make a rogue or alchemist, but I really wanted to make a transcendant character. The more I thought about it, the less I wanted to run around in a skimpy stalker or creator costume.. plus it was near impossible to find fabric I liked for either one. So, with a little encouragement from my boyfriend, I decided on a high priestess.

Finally finished this thing at the last minute for Fanime. Later on I'll be replacing the white fabric in the top with something that doesn't suck. And probably adding more trim and frilly junk.

I totally updated this thing for Fanime '09 and didn't get any pictures of my own.. so I'm at the mercy of whoever photographed me.. ~.~


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Series Ragnarok Online
Character High Priestess


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