Kingdom Hearts II

So for whatever reason, whenever I think back on why I cosplay certain characters (other than Athrun or Cagalli) sometimes I go: wait...why again? I mean, I like the characters, but why did I pick those characters specifically?

Axel was at first just a passing "yeah that'd be fun" until my planned Yuko costume had to be put on hold. Then I had an opening and I decided I just loved the organization coats. It wasn't too detailed and didn't have many pieces, so I wasn't anticipating any major problems. I love bright and dark-red haired characters too XD So that was a plus.

When I first met Axel in the game I was like: okay, you're hot. XD As the game progressed, he came to be one of my favorites (though I was almost swayed into cosplaying Riku in the coat when I finally got around to him). I was drawn to his character because he began acting on his own motivations and wasn't necessarily mechanical or just a passing boss like most of the rest of the organization members. And then of course his trademark catch phrase, "Got it Memorized" Such a dork. I just love him XD

After the debut at Expo, I really began to just appreciate and love him more. And that is just such a great thing to get out of cosplay. An even greater appreciation for a character that you love in the first place. :D

After that, this costume really became my centerpiece. I ended up revising the wig at least twice and the coat once more. If I had my way, I'd lose about 20 pounds and then do it all over again XD However, Axel has had a good run of at least two years, so I finally decided in 2008 that it was time to let him sit a while and move on to other things. I will probably still wear the costume at AnimeIowa, my home convention.

I suppose the last thing that I would really like to do with this costume is have a photoshoot with one of our great cosplay photographers - that's just like, a dream XD But I'd have to redo my wig AGAIN, because it would need sprucing up.
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Series Kingdom Hearts II
Character Axel

chenmeicai Good job! :) I really love looking at other cosplayers' pages with such lovely photos. It's very inspiring and jaw-dropping! I was like .... "Aaaaah! It's so wonderful!" Keep it up!

Hokage Sayoko might i ask where you go such a high-quality wig and coat??? jeez, i've never seen them like that before... O_O -is intriged-

Rock-e This seems so stalkerish (first comment on someones costume)...but my goodness, the hair and costume is incredible!

elenawing I applaud you on how you did the hair, sadly i see very few axels with hair to this standard at cons i go to ^_^