Eternal Sailor Mercury

Sailor Moon

@Mr. Robot


This is another flavor of Sailor Mercury using my base sailor costume (A white leotard with everything else attached in a detachable fashion).

So far i think Eternal is my favorite one of the three forms. The sleeves came out MUCH better than the shoulder guards for the other two forms and they stay in place a lot easier. Plus, I just like the Eternal designs since they are consistent and a bit more... elegant I guess, for lack of a better term. =P


@Mr. Robot
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Series Sailor Moon
Character Eternal Sailor Mercury


Calvinl08 OUTSTANDING!!!! This is just an amazing Crossplay well done sir :D you make a wonderful sailor Mercury nice job :)

Diegator I can only see 6 pictures :/. Also, looking good. You took it a step further and actually wore heels... that takes a lot of guts/pain tolerance.

magiccosplay01 you cant see any of the pictures their all corrupted :(.