Selvaria Bles

Valkyria Chronicles



This costume was pretty terrible to make. As cool as Selvaria is, her outfit makes no sense. The biggest problem was getting her blouse to be tight over such a large bust. I had to make the blouse about 3 times to get it to fit decently, and it's made out of two different fabrics to get the right combination of stretch and sheen.

The sleeve attachments were also troublesome, and they don't really allow for much movement. I did enjoy making the cuffs though! The fleur de lis is embroidered, and I used puffy paint for the scroll work.

For the knee pads, I used craft foam and just glued them to the boots, and then painted on the boot designs.

Finally, the design on the pants was painstakingly hand drawn. It was time consuming and repetitive, but compared to the blouse, it was easy.

I also made most of the costume of the Radi Jaeger with me. The coat was hand-seamed, the vest and chainsaw things are craft foam, and the skull is paperclay over a base.


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Series Valkyria Chronicles
Character Selvaria Bles


HunterBlackLuna Both costume and cosplayer are absolutely stunning!

waste0fcarb0n you are the most perfect Selvaria ever! you even have the Ruhm!

Jai_Hind This is really amazing! I am thoroughly impressed!!! Words just don't do this justice.

GracefulNightingale You're a kick ass Selvaria!!! Brilliant work! :D

Meli you guys looked incredible! I am such a fan of your talent, amazing!!!!