Itachi Uchiha(young version)




Itachi Uchiha (the young version)why?well because I thought why don't I start by making the fist Itachi then I'll do the other Itachi from Akasuki. First thing is first..i want my character's first costume to be my first cosplay as well. i hope I did A great job.(I made this costume my self)


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Series Naruto
Character Itachi Uchiha(young version)


II Squall II Srly you're perfect!!! I rly wish to cosplay w/ you as Itachi and Sasuke^__^

BalloonMuffin one of the best itachi, your features look similar which is makes it even better!

Jordy Perfect Itachi. (:

ChibiMitzy I believe I've comment on some of these photographs before but I just wanted to stop by again and say how much I love this cosplay on you. It fits prefectly, wonderful job!

hana_shiro Yeah, The costume is very cool, Great job =] I'm sure you can make fantastic costumes and i wait the next one. ^^

kiokodreamer207 very hooootttt. :D

fun star I hope you'll make more!!

fun star woowa!! COOOL !! SO HOTT!!!! HOT ITACHI

Kuruchi Thanks for comments ^^ You have really good job, very similar to Itachi when he was young! Congraculations!

dark wings you make a cool itachi!!! I love it!!! the real itachi uchiha in young version!!

Snow-Storm thanks guys

AndyFairy great job as itachi i like it !

Webster Hi. Appropriate appearance. I hope you'll make great costume. I have thought at the expense of some details but somehow can't PM you.