Odessa the Sea Witch




I had made this costume when I was invited to be a guest at the UK convention "Aya-con". The mascot for the convention was a mermaid and I wanted to make something to fit the theme! My inspiration behind this costume comes from some of my childhood favorite toys: <a href="http://media.photobucket.com/image/mermista/Safelight/Mermista01xx.jpg" target="_blank"&gt;Mermista</a&gt; from She-Ra and <a href="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2312/2663752509_059a6bef4c.jpg?v=0."&gt;Dutchess Ravenwaves</a&gt; from Lady Lovely Locks. I wanted to create a sexy villainess who rules the murky depths of the ocean. Photographer Greg De Stefano agreed to shoot the lovely Kat Steel for me. If you would like to learn how I did the make-up for this shoot, please watch the video below!
Model - <a href="http://www.katherinesteel.com" target="_blank"&gt;Kat Steel</a&gt;
Photographer - <a href="http://www.gregdestefano.com/" target="_blank"&gt;Greg de Stefano</a&gt;


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Character Odessa the Sea Witch


Sephirayne Wow! Great costume. So fab to see in person (if only briefly). :D

Earthychan Wow... I just wanted to say that these pictures are so BEAUTIFUL! And I love how you showed how you did the scales and make-up on Youtube. Great job!!! =3

carladawn so beautiful.