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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon



This costume was a bit hard for me. I had made the staff last year out of wood. I made the entire outfit myself except for the main body suit which I bought at a dance store. The boots were also bought at the same place, but I used craft foam for the white part and adhesive gems for the moon. I was worried about how to make the tiara for the longest time when I realized that the version I was doing didn't have one after they found out she was the princess, so that made it easy for me. I just drew the moon on with a make-up marker. The broach is made of the molding craft foam and wasn't hard at all. I just needed the right stuff to give me a perfect circle. The circles on the meatballs is foam as well. The earings are made from jewels out of the craft store. Oh, and the choker is ribbon and foam. The only thing that is really missing is the red on the gloves need to be fixed, the feathers on the beads are not there, and the three little puffs on the shoulders were not made.


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Series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Character Sailor Moon
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Usagi_Princess Thank-you!

Ammie You make such a gorgeous Sailor Moon!!! I love your costume, you look so beautiful!

Usagi_Princess Thank-you. I seemed to get more pictures wearing this than I do with my Princess Serenity dress that I actually received an award for at ExpCon 2010.

Neferti2000 Beautiful SailorMoon ^.^