Childrens Day Poland

Hetalia: Axis Powers



Boots: Bought from cosworx
Pants: thrift store
Sash: It was a brown scarf I found at Walmart that I added white flower beads to.
Shirt: I alter a dress shirt that was a size too big. I tightened it up around my biceps, so it'd look puffier around my forearm. I also added cord to it, and added flowers and random beads. You wouldn't think adding fake flowers to something would be hard, but it is!
Wig: Already owned.

After I finished this cosplay, and tried it on, I felt really weird. It didn't feel like I was cosplaying, it felt like I was dressing out for a Traditional Polish holiday (which I guess I kinda am...).


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Series Hetalia: Axis Powers
Character Childrens Day Poland


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