Adiane the Elegant

Gurren Lagann



The fitting on this costume was a nightmare. The words "close fitting" and "kimono" should not be used to describe the same garment. That being said, I wanted to make sure that my "kimono" wasn't just a normal kimono that was pushed off my shoulders and made shorter. I noticed that it doesn't really look that hot when done that way so I wanted to make sure I fixed that issue. Plus bunching that much fabric around your waist isn't a good idea for your shape. ;) I spent a while doing the patterning for the main part of the dress I'm pretty happy with the result. For the dress I used a fuchsia wool suiting that is not only HOT but very heavy. Being fully lined makes this dress over 7lbs!! The dark purple trim at top is a casa satin and was the ONLY fabric I could find within 200 miles of me that was the right color. The white trim was made by myself and is I-don't-know-how-many-yards of white bridal satin gathered. Never again will I make my own trim! The designs on the sleeves were done with cotton fabrics and heat-n-bond. (Thanks Ellome for the idea!!). It is so thick in the center it is hard. 0.0 The waist cincher is made like a corset so it helps support the bewbs and define the waist. Double bonus. It is fully lined and boned as well with pleather details. The tail is one of my fav parts and since it is made of plastic it is very durable. I have it on string so I could position it in different poses for pictures. The tattoo is painted on with alcohol based make-ups. Wig from Cosplay_wigs and shoes were painted to match. I think that is everything. ^^;;;


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Character Adiane the Elegant


pinapplegum Where'd you find the material for the holes in your corset? I'm having a hard time finding black ones that are large enough... ^.^ (please PM me so I'll get the response~)

Azylion Your costume is amazing! I've been working on Adiane myself and I'm almost done, but I'm not all to happy with the tail. How were you able to make such a beautiful tail out of plastic? I would love a tail to be that durable, but I haven't been able to find a way to do it. Thank you!