Edward Elric

Fullmetal Alchemist



There it is, my very first cosplay.

And it's quite a popular costume as well. (I met more than 7-9 other Edwards at my first convention. xD)

It's pretty comfy and easy to wear. This cosplay (the red coat and the black/white jacket) was sewn by my mother. I only helped a bit with the pattern, painted the flamel on the back and made the belt (though you can hardly see it on the photos).

It's my first cosplay, but I'm still not sure how much I like this costume. On one hand I love the character of Edward Elric, I had a lot of fun and this was an easy enough costume to start.
On the other hand ... looking back at it, it's just not up to the standard I have nowadays. )x
I didn't use a wig (x-x), the coat is a bit too big (especially the hood), I didn't have the right shoes/pants and I didn't take my glasses off for photos.

So yeah. The typical "first cosplay love-hate thing" I guess.

[Ah, and I was told one thing.... if you're cosplaying Edward Elric, you can behave like a REAL brat to everyone and get away with it XD harhar!! *rofl*] <- I can't believe I wrote that when I first submitted this costume. xD" I sound like a gaia kid.


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