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@love squad
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Created 10 years ago
Series D.Gray-man
Character Cross Marian


_rayden_ grat cosplay i love u

HeavenSealed You're such a pretty Cross~~ I love it! ^^

KakashiCCPx IM SO EXCITED! This costume TOTALLY deserves it!! :D

Savage Nymph Поздравляю! Невероятно рада вашей победе - она абсолютно заслуженная!

Imperia Поздравляем с победой!

Jasone Perfect Cross. I voted your you in D.Gray-Man Contest.

Koibito_XY -vote- awesome

Gothic-angel *vote*

dramangori voted for you, just terrific !

kiwiwichan Awesome Cross Marian *w* Your eyes bring shivers into my soul... amazing~

antimony7th GOOD GOD. It is REALLY FRIGHTENING how absurdly AMAZING this Cross Marian is. Like, WTF, your red eyes stare straight into my soul. It just...I just.... WOW FIJOGSIFNWKRFNSRGAIEFEOFMGWA Good job I voted for you. :]

Chocobo chic holy crap !YOU LOOK AWSOME!!!!

ArwenEvenstar why hello there :) "votes"

Phnx0313 Awesomeness. Vote from me. ~Link/Phnx~

chrysalis What a beautiful cosplay!! <3 It's hypnotizing......

Pet Frey *-*

Phoenix_Kasai I loved this costume when you posted it last year and now I love it even more b/c I get to vote for it!! Yay!

DianA-sama Voted for you~ ! You're awesome as cross!

eccenthypo You make a very convincing and attractive Cross :O

Sierra Rhea OMIGAWD!!! U're d BEST Cross-Gensei i've ever seen!!! *bows in awe* XD