Yuuko Ichihara




Yuuko is such an amazing character, she's one of my favorites! When I saw the drawing for this outfit I totally drooled - I adore the color scheme and I've always had a thing for corsets.
As soon as I had the money saved up for the billion yards of fabric I needed, I decided to make it for Ohayocon 08!

Both of the kimonos and the red under top are completely lined and serged. The corset was remade for AX08 with steel boning and a third layer of fabric for strength. It's also fully lined and serged.
I wasn't completely satisfied with the clouds on my black kimono so I have yet to add the rest to the red one.

This was so much fun to wear around and I've ended up loving Yuuko even more. I can't wait to make more of her outfits (as much as my wallet hates it)!


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Last Updated 11 years ago
Created 12 years ago
Series xxxHolic
Character Yuuko Ichihara
Variant Red/Black kimono


ModernPrincess I remember you from OtakuMex

Smexy Vizard I don't see how some people do this stuff...the deatil is sooo awesome!!!

Hikari_chan56 So beautiful! You look just like Yuuko ^.^ And such a lovely costume...*Dreamy sigh*

usagy_gaby I believe you are the best Yuuko cosplay , on this website at least ^ ^. Are your costumes made of silk? They look amazing.

Integral F.W.H. Amazing Yuuko-sama *_*! And the costume is totally amazing!!!

Wicked_Lovely Ooh, goodness you have just given me inspiration for my 7 yards of black fabric. This is AMAZING. And you look simply stunning as yuuko.

goblinqueen wow, I have to say this costume is amazing. Good job!