Soulcalibur III



Ivy has been one of the first characters I ever wanted to cosplay as, so I was really excited to finally get started with this project. Unfortunately, I didn't have as much time as I would've liked... so I got to 'hate' the costume in the process of making it &gt;_<

I like how it turned out anyway, I'm proud of the insanely naked bodysuit, the detailwork with those endless straps and trims, the heavily customized boots and most of all, the armor. It seemed to take forever, I think I've never made so many pieces of armor for one costume and the number really makes a difference... I used low-tech craft foam, paper maché and modeling clay and spent a lot of time pasting, sanding and gesso-ing the surface. I was amazed by how well it all lasted the con and even our stage performance.

There's this one thing I really hate about this costume though... This is officially the last time I've tried to salvage a poor quality wig and make it into a half decent cosplay wig. It's simply not worth the time, effort, and frustration. Get lost, wig!

UPDATE: Finally styled an all-new wig and made a new sword (the whip form this time, which rocks!!!) and I really, truly love this costume ^_^

Cost: EUR 205 / USD 290


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Series Soulcalibur III
Character Ivy


cloudwarrior you make a very amazing Ivy great job^^