Tifa Lockheart

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children



Most of my costume was purchased and edited. For the top I used a zipper sweater with teh sleeves cut off.

For the bottom I used a pair of pants I had from my school uniform and rolled them up. I simply attached a skirt to the front and back of them with safety pins.

I bought gloves from the dollar store and some converse shoes from Payless. Dyed my hair black and had my stylist cut my bangs to look like Tifa's.

6/21/10: Looking back to this costume I realize how low budget it really was. The pants I used met an untimely end with a nail and aren't useable any more. Someday Tifa will get re-made, but for now She's just a part of my memory.


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Series Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Character Tifa Lockheart


danielvutran LOVE IT! ^^

cheraichan lol, I like how you pinned down the Vincent. GO TIFA!!! You're really cute when you smile too, totally unlike me. If you ever feel like repeating a costume, this would be a great one for you to do.

JanKenPon WOW! awesome job.. you look so pretty!

Quiexa Cute, good job. =)

al-bhed-gurl aw! your so cute ^.^ you pull off a great tifa!

Sakurai_Atsushi Great Job =D!