I know the costume is supposed to be a darker blue but I thought the lighter shade would be better with her blonde hair. Plus I can easily reuse this as a St. Pauli Girl beer costume.

I used the same pattern for this skirt as my Mew Ichigo and Utena costumes. I also invested in a new petticoat this time around. The corset vest is a little tight but it keeps me sitting up strait!

The ears are resin cast plastic on a headband and they have an echo effect because they're hollow. I love the ears, I bought them from Cherrybomb's website

As always the wig is from eBay seller zhenna0036 and it only cost me $40! Its over 4 feet of kanekolan fiber and so beautiful.

The basket I got at Goodwill for $2 and added some pretty ribbon.
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Series Chobits
Character Chii

Thowra One of the best Chiis i've ever seen