Nightshroud as Kakuzu


Naruto: Shippūden

Cosplayer: Nightshroud
I bought the cloak when I went to Anime STL 08, and started with the rest of the cosplay from there. I used a tanktop and black pants from my own wardrobe, and bought a white scarf to use as the sash.

I made the mask myself. It is in 4 different pieces: the headband, the part going over my head, the face mask, and the part that goes around my neck.

I also made the shoes myself to some extent, although they require frequent repairs. I took a pair of black knee high socks and put the sandal inside the socks, I then cut off the front of the sock and rolled the cuff of the sock down. I then cut up two pairs of white socks and made the stockings with those and they are held to the shoe with velcro, because I use these shoes for my Rin cosplay as well.

The only parts of this cosplay I do not currently have are the masks that go on Kakuzu's back and the contacts.

I am also the Kakuzu in the Anime STL Akatsuki... or as they know me best... the 'senile grandfather' of Akatsuki.