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A dress, based on a doll from the site oneandonlydolls and my own crazy mind XD It's also THE addition to my Autumn mask that I've wanted to make for a long time.
A little information blur!:

-Sleeves and bodice are adorned by handpainted gold leaves, beads, sculpted little leaves and a lot of gold trim that was antiqued (aka my table is still suffering from the 'antiquing').
The same lace/trim was used on the rest of the dress.

- The 'shimmery things' on the big green petals at the bottom of the dress are a combination of little green rhinestones (loads of them!) and 3-d paint with a very special glitter (ssshh, don't tell anyone, it's one of a kind fairydust ;) )

- To make sure the dress would be balanced, I decided to make my own jewellery. That way I had more control of the colours and materials. All the gems on the necklace and bracelets were bough clear and then painted the same colour.

-The beads of the mask come back in the sleeves embroidery and tassels (can you spot the tassels on the bottom of the dress? XD)


@Lady Tyrona
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MidnaMidna Your costumes fit you well :D

Mithrellas Holy frickin crap O_O You look amazing!

HottieNanako Beautiful costume! I love all the little details!

elanor-elwyn it's magic!

score Wow... this is absolutely gorgeous. Autumn is my favorite time and I wish it had a goddess to go with it in real life.

Pirate Queen You are seriously so beautiful! :D

teardrops2m Amazing. Wish I could see a tutorial for this one to see how you did it. The jewelry is divine. And the wings. Must have cost alot and the time put in. Wow.

Paper_Moon you're totally awasom X_X

faithinpoison This is absolutely stunning!

Stormraven24 Oh my goodness, this is such an amazing costume! I can almost think of a story to go along with it! Everything is just wonderful -high praise to you for it-

Aribella This is amazing!! You truly look like a Goddess. Great job!! I am dying to know how you made those wings! I have attempted wings a couple of times but the only thing I can say about my efforts is that...well...they just didnt turn out, LOL!!

Little-White-Birdcage Extremely beautiful ^^

Amarie This is one incredible set of photographs. You should be proud of these! You make a beautiful Autumn Spirit/Goddess! :-D

rpmsauron no other sentence comes to me but that which you're an angel..!

carladawn I loooove the new pics you have up. :] You are so beautiful, like you came straight out of a fairytale book.

mimicake epic win!

Adella this costume makes me explode in ways I cannot describe!

Neptuno_Kaioh You're a Goddes! Very Very Beautiful!

Luraia how absolutely beautiful!

H-Sama you look gorgeous