Princess Zelda

The Legend of Zelda



Princess Zelda was always something I wanted to do... so I'm very glad I finally got around to it! It's really extra fun cosplaying with my good friends Richii and PikminLink. I've never made armor before so... this was a very interesting project lol. It came out alright, I guess, though I'd like to remake it out of something more sturdy. Mada mada da ne.


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Series The Legend of Zelda
Character Princess Zelda


Minteh Aww you have such a cute zelda cosplay. :] the costume is great, did you make it or buy it? it's majorly cute~ and is that a wig or your real hair..? o-o" and Lol I've always wanted to be zelda but I can't make anything but the head piece. xD I tried trying to buy it but it always costs so much because of the armor. xD