Cloud Strife (Advent Children)

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children



One of my favorite costumes and the longest ones I've had to wear. Definitely one of my all time favorite cosplays.

I owe credit to the following for making this costume happen:
Tenshinoitam1 for the Sweater, arm-sleeve, and semi-skirt.
Fantasy Ninja for the Buster Sword
Mike Palacior for the Shoulder Armor

In 2009/2010, Cloud is going to get remade completely, so stay tuned.


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Series Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Character Cloud Strife (Advent Children)


greatpein did you style your own wig or buy it?

goldenvaulter You are an amazing Cloud!

skye_fall umm. Wow. One of the best Clouds I've seen in a while. You look fantastic.