Super Smash Bros. Brawl

@karuka ikashi


This was my newest cosplay for 2009. I was so excited for it! Pit is my favorite Brawl character, and I've always loved playing as the green version. White's great too, but I was happy to stand out a bit (and not have to worry about ruining the toga). :P The shoes were the toughest part. Even now, I don't think they're perfect, but they turned out okay. I styled the wig in one sitting! Crazy stuff. This is probably the most complicated hair I've had to work with.

The bow/swords were one of my favorite parts. I sawed off some tennis racket handles and completed them with foam board and model magic. They were held together by two very strong pairs of magnets! I loved seeing people's reaction to me putting the two swords back together.

I didn't expect to be mistaken for a guy in this costume, but it's happened at least once so far. Maybe just a sign that I'm convincing? XD

The gem was expensive to make because I had to buy all the stuff that casting resin comes with- catalyst, colorant, ect. I do like how it turned out, though.

Hope you like it!


@karuka ikashi
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