Ezio Auditore de Firenze

Assassin's Creed II



Ezio hit the cosplay project list as soon as my friends sent me an image of the infamous "jazzhandz" promo image..

Creation of this will be slower than usual, as I have a ton of other work to do, so instead of making it all and debuting it in one shot, I'll be basically "evolving" my Altair cosplay gear into this.. (ie replacing the old belt with the new one once i make it, swapping of parts that are similar in nature etc)

Sewing is a monster challenge, because of all the fancy giblets and fluffs all over this guy, and the most involved to date has been the Altair cosplay..

New stuff to learn/figure out- Casting detailed items, two part molds, how to make more involved greaves, red striped tunic, how fabric's properties interact with eachter

Things i have to improve on/level up! - advanced sewing for tunic, how to choose the proper leather, casting thin items, learning differences between resin types


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Created 11 years ago
Series Assassin's Creed II
Character Ezio Auditore de Firenze
Variant original design, with some armor upgrades


maskedrose ghaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! AMAZING. HOW. HOW.

kuronekochan I'm jelous. ;_; I've play very little AC, but I want to make him a costume! It's so detailed! I really admire your handy work and I can't wait to see it finished!

slarson802 this is a beautiful cosplay- I am going to be making on as well, but in lady form ;] You did an amazing job! Really captured the feel of it. My only complaint is the tunic being wrinkly in your reference images- what kind of fabric did you use? Other than, very well done!!

Kiarrens This whole costume is absolutely gorgeous. Your prop-work is astounding. Keep up the fabulous work!

sakurastar89 This is such an amazing Ezio cosplay. The sheer amount of detail and work put into it is astounding, and your leather work and casting skills are insanely good. I am in awe and I hope to see more pictures from you.

alpha_helix heeeey, I found you! and I'm not a creepy stalker at all I swear.

princemercury1 This is amazing *_*

~H~ Astounding work! How has this not been showcased yet??? @[email protected]

MunkyBox Absolutely BEAUTIFUL leather work. You've really set the bar for this one.

Earl Astaroth will you marry me man?

Braithcakes I plan on buying mine from cosplaymagic and just remaking the leather parts and armor...my friend got his altair from there and everything came out great except for leather/armor. this is looking fantastic so far :]