Jing: King of Bandits



3 Awesome Reasons Why I Had To Make This Costume:
1.) An orange, billow-y coat!
2.) Massive amounts of props
3.) I get to be a main character! :D

I really love this outfit.

-The wig took about 2 and a half hours to initially style.
-The outfit took less than a day to sew.
-The boots turned out fantastic!
-The sword turned out great IMHO, though it makes it hard to bend my elbow.
-The backpack is the most functional prop I have ever made!
-The Mom crystal.....yeah...not happening for now.
-The Kir Cannon didn't turn out as I planned but it still looks okay.
-The cat mask mats my wig D: Sadface!


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Series Jing: King of Bandits
Character Jing


Boyzenberry Jing! <3 I am working on mine, but I want to have a proa-vora plush... (sp?)

kagome437 OH WOW!!! you look so awesome, i love how your tench coat has that floaty billowy effect in pictures. it was probably fun to run around in. *claps* i must be honest you look amazing as jing...jing is still on my to do list, and i was hoping you could awnser a small question for me. what pattern did you use for jings trench coat and belts?

Lushi Wow, awesome! You did such an amazing job!