Soul Eater



Fun costume!!! ^o^

I discovered the Soul Eater mangas in Tokyo and really liked the visual style (and Tsubaki's outfit on the cover^^) and I was thrilled to see the anime would start airing the week after our trip to Tokyo! Back at home, I watched the fansubs and I loved them.

I chose the manga version of the costume because it looks less plain and polished than the anime version. I just love the "patched-up" look most of the SE costumes have.

Revamped in 2009 for a gathering / photoshoot. Will wear it again because it's so comfy ^_^

Cost: EUR 55 / US$ 80


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Created 12 years ago
Series Soul Eater
Character Tsubaki
Variant Manga Version


ShizukaKurogane I love the wig! Where did you get it? I'll be needing a wig for Tsubaki next year and I want to go ahead and start finding things I'll be needing for her costume ._.

theonlyangel77 i love your Tsubaki!! and your wigs ^_^