Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle



It's finally done!

This costume took so long to do. It all together came up to be 1 year to make it all possible-buying the materials,making it, finding pictures,thinking it out...all that..SO LONG O_Obut i had fun making it ^^ So i guess that's a good thing.

the sleeves
They took one week each to construct and get many screw ups..good thing i know how to cover it up :P lol But there are four parts to the sleeves and i think the poofy part and the long billowing sleeve part took the longest. Most tedious at least. no fun at all XD
The flowers are all made of fabric with the centers painted with fabric paint.
Nothing over the top hard though ..i survived it ^_^

The ball/globe/cage(whatever you wanna call it..) is a totallly different story. I made it 3 days before the con and it was such a rush job. It doesn't look that pretty ;-; so bare with me on that.Those 3 days i spent slaving in my room to get it done. no dinner no excercise no nothing..cept water and work lol. Its made of model magic and some other stuff. Making it was a fast job but painting it and adding the details on it was the slower part of it.

the crown is my 'cute crown'. cus anyone or anything that wears it looks UBER cute ;D its so AWESOMEEE :P but thanks to my sister for shaping the flowers. They turned out great! The flowers were made of foam and placed on a hairband.
All in all i think it all looks ok tho.


Thank you so much for the showcase and thank you to everyone for the comments. It means so much to me!


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Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Character Sakura-hime
Variant Chapter 100 artwork


AkatsukiSky I know I'm late, but congratulation, that is a well deserved showcase. This costume of yours figures among my all time favorite costume around the internet. Perfectly executed, flawless, down to every little detail, and I am just in love with your choice of fabric and color. Not to say you look adorable in it. I have seen no one beat you on this one. So I am very happy it got featured, congrats again!! :)

Hoashi XD It's sooo pretty! Good job and congrats on the showcase! ^_^

lutea my my comments will be lost admist the others XD

Crystalike congrats on the showcase! you deserve it! ^^

[kili] Congrats on the showcase! I remember seeing you at animethon. :3

MarineSnow About time this gets showcased, congrats!

ChiisaiYume Ah, I've always thought this costume was really pretty! Congrats on the showcase =)

Assiduity Firstly, congratulations on your showcase! You're truly an inspiration of mine! :D And I hope to improve with my cosplays as well!! I've always loved this outfit and you pulled it off so lovely! I love it so much! Very lovely, amazing, and overall, very stunningly beautiful!

Blood_Sword Wow, this is an incredibly beautiful costume! Truly gorgeous in every way! *w*

Angeal Congrats for your showcase!

CrimsonDenizen It's so cute ^^

AngelStarAvalon I love all the detail work you put into this. it's an amazing costume.

AznAnime Congrats on the showcase! Very pretty. :3

Viveeh Such a pretty costume! Your work looks just fabulous!!

KakeraのTsuki Congrats for your showcase! =D Your Sakura is so adorable~!

Pyrahus All your detailing is just so *awesome*. This costume is so amazing.

KittyKax wooooow soo preeety *_* I don't even reas TRC but I would still wear that cuz of how nice it looks!! lol

jounink Very lovely work and thanks for your comment :D

JadeKat Adorable dress and awesome prop!

TimeKeeper I really love this costume!I's amazing ^^ did you use only the scan of the artbook or you have more pics?