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Full Moon o Sagashite



NYAF 2008 my buddy, SilverYouko300 and I will be doing Yaminabe. Except she's gonna be Jonathan in his human shinigami form.

My other cosplay half, SilverYouko-chan as Jonathan: http://www.cosplay.com/costume/176113/


This cosplay was buy some regular clothes and modify.
I found the pants, vest, tie and shoes at a thrift store.
I actually searched for yellow socks and found them at the sock store at the local mall. I got the wings from the Halloween store that is open around this time of year (Sept. - Oct) and the wig if from Ricky's.

I'm getting a new wig eventually though.
This wig is so off, but I procrastinated so much in ordering a wig, I won't have time to get it before NYAF, so I'm working with this one for now.

The yellow shirt if from Target. I hemmed it up to fit me better and with the removed fabric from the hemming, I used it for the cuffs. The black fabric was from a black shirt I owned that I knew I was never gonna wear.

I bought the hat from Pay Half and added the dog ears with the same black shirt.

I love playing with the dog ears so much. They're so nice and fluffy and soft. I think my favorite aspect of this cosplay is the hat for sure.

One day, I'll make the wings myself and get a better wig for this cosplay, but for now. I'll say this is complete~


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